Pretty Spiritual Podcast

Letting Go

July 31, 2019

Do you get annoyed when people say that you should just let go of something that’s bothering you? It’s that little word *just.* If letting go were a matter of just doing it, surely we’d have done it by now. Heaven knows we’ve tried hard and long enough to control that process ourselves! That’s right, spiritual friendies, episode 22 is all about how to let that shit go. 

Moving on from something that has been occupying our mind and our heart isn’t always a straightforward process. Often it requires frustrating attempts to release something that we just can’t stop picking up. Maybe letting go of the past seems like an exercise in spiritual futility because we watch yourself picking it back up before we’ve even finished putting it down. Been there.

If you’re wondering how to let go or how to move on, we’ve got some practical and perspective-shifting tools for you. We’ll look at what happens when we shine the light of spiritual practice on the messy process of letting go. How does our experience change if learning how to let things go becomes an end in itself?

We’ll share how using compassion and self-awareness to witness our emotional defaults can help us start to let go of the past and of our control strategies. It’s a gentle process, not a violent one. Most of us learn to let go not because we’ve forced ourselves, but because we finally feel safe enough.

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